Sunday, December 6, 2009

Links To Blogs And Comments About This World We Live In

I'm setting up an entry where I'll put links to blog reviews of This World We Live In and where you can write comments about it.

If you wrote your comment on my other blog, I'll move it over here. It'll claim I wrote it, but I'll put your name (which is frequently anonymous) on it.

While, of course, my dream is all comments and reviews will be favorable, this will be an honest spot, so if you read the book and feel like being critical, you have my blessing. Not my eternal gratitude, but my blessing.

I'll start with a couple of links to blogs, and as more come in, I'll add them to this entry.

So here goes:

1 Becky's Book Review

2 linda's reading blog

3 Jen Robinson's Book Page

4 Reading and Breathing

5 Librarina

6 Karin's Book Nook

7 At The Grange

8 Marjoleinbookblog

9 Collecting Children's Books (this one has a lot of spoilers)

10 Genrefluent (a 14 year old really likes it)

11 All My Little Words

12 Aurora

13 Young Adults Book Central

14 Books And Movies

15 YA Librarian Tales

16 Little Albatross (lots and lots and lots of spoilers)

17 Kate's Book Blog (rigorously spoiler free)

18 Reading Rants! Out Of The Ordinary Teen Booklist! (more informative if you will)

19 Teens Know Best

20 The Cazzy Files

21 thebookbind

22 Library Dad (someone who hasn't read either LAWKI or d&g)

23 see michelle read (she doesn'tmuch like it)

24 librarian by day (she doesn't much like it either)

25 Dog-eared and Well-read

26 Shelftalker (

27 KellyVision

28 one hundred books, one year

29 Brooke's Box Of Books

30 Kinnelon Library Teen Blog (very informative with lots of spoilers)

31 Stacked

32 Reading With Tequila (the reviewer doesn't like Alex at all)

33 yabal babble

34 Book Journal

35 Carrie's YA Bookshelf

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

The ARCs Have Arrived!

There are 180 names in the Bolivian hat. I'll be pulling 30 out at random and emailing those people to ask for mailing addresses. I hope to start making trips to the post office tomorrow.

I'm cautiously optimistic that a few more ARCs will become available for distribution. Harcourt knows how much I want to spread them around. and while I've given some to friends of mine, they may return them when they're finished (in which case it'll be a used ARC).

I'm going to set up a comment zone here, so if you want to share your opinions of the book, you'll have a place to do so. And I do ask that you don't sell the ARC and you don't put it into a library system, in lieu of an actual copy. Beyond that. the ARC is yours to do with as you wish.

Okay. The time has come to pull 30 names out of the Bolivian hat, and to start emailing the people who get selected.

I want to thank all of you for your interest in This World We Live In and your patience. I truly appreciate both.