Sunday, December 6, 2009

Links To Blogs And Comments About This World We Live In

I'm setting up an entry where I'll put links to blog reviews of This World We Live In and where you can write comments about it.

If you wrote your comment on my other blog, I'll move it over here. It'll claim I wrote it, but I'll put your name (which is frequently anonymous) on it.

While, of course, my dream is all comments and reviews will be favorable, this will be an honest spot, so if you read the book and feel like being critical, you have my blessing. Not my eternal gratitude, but my blessing.

I'll start with a couple of links to blogs, and as more come in, I'll add them to this entry.

So here goes:

1 Becky's Book Review

2 linda's reading blog

3 Jen Robinson's Book Page

4 Reading and Breathing

5 Librarina

6 Karin's Book Nook

7 At The Grange

8 Marjoleinbookblog

9 Collecting Children's Books (this one has a lot of spoilers)

10 Genrefluent (a 14 year old really likes it)

11 All My Little Words

12 Aurora

13 Young Adults Book Central

14 Books And Movies

15 YA Librarian Tales

16 Little Albatross (lots and lots and lots of spoilers)

17 Kate's Book Blog (rigorously spoiler free)

18 Reading Rants! Out Of The Ordinary Teen Booklist! (more informative if you will)

19 Teens Know Best

20 The Cazzy Files

21 thebookbind

22 Library Dad (someone who hasn't read either LAWKI or d&g)

23 see michelle read (she doesn'tmuch like it)

24 librarian by day (she doesn't much like it either)

25 Dog-eared and Well-read

26 Shelftalker (

27 KellyVision

28 one hundred books, one year

29 Brooke's Box Of Books

30 Kinnelon Library Teen Blog (very informative with lots of spoilers)

31 Stacked

32 Reading With Tequila (the reviewer doesn't like Alex at all)

33 yabal babble

34 Book Journal

35 Carrie's YA Bookshelf


  1. Linda Jacobs said...

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! My ARC was peeking out of the top of my mailbox yesterday afternoon. Perfect timing since I'd just finished another book. I opened the package, sat down, and read until I finished it.

    I wanted to slow down; I kept telling myself to, but just couldn't! Can you tell I loved it?

    I wrote a short review of it here on my reading blog.

    Thank you, again, for a most enjoyable Saturday evening!

    I've got a list of people waiting to read it. First up is a young man who read d&g with me in class then LAWKI on his own. He is a big, strapping Nascar-loving, good-looking, popular kid and the first thing he said to me after our Thanksgiving break was, "Did the third book come in, yet?" He'll be really happy tomorrow!

    December 6, 2009 7:39 AM

  2. Okay first the disclaimer: This comment has almost nothing to do with your post but it has been bugging me forever.

    Now the comment: Will you go on a book tour when TW is published? Will you post a schedulesque list on your blog? And thirdly, will is you do go on tour would you come to Atlanta?

  3. Hi Jon-

    My publisher did discuss my going some places after TW is published.

    They mentioned Massachusetts and Illinois/Wisconsin, but nothing about Atlanta.

    Nothing has been finalized, but if anything is, I'll be happy to put a schedulesque list on the blog!

  4. First of all, I'd like to say thank thank thank you sooo much for the ARC. It came yesterday, and I finished it after school today.

    I might elaborate more later on my thoughts. But MAAANNNNN, I wish I knew what happened to them after the end!!

    -M d.C.

  5. Yay!

    You're coming to Massachusetts.

    Make sure you post the schedule - If you're anywhere near me, I'll make it a point to come

  6. Holy crow! I just started and finished my copy and ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh my goodness. I am still trying to figure out I read it or imangined it. I really enjoyed the book. I do not think I would be able to wait till it really came out.
    My mom has read the frist two thinks to me and all I wanted to do was tell what happened in the book. Anytime I went to tell she would say I DO NOT WANT TO HEAR IT!
    Thanks so much for the ARC. I would not be surprised if get people to read this and the others. My english class is doing a book review and I will be doing some sort of a book talk on it.:)
    This one was just as if not better than the frist two.

  7. I finished the book several weeks ago and still think about it daily! It was really good. I felt very connected to the characters. Angry at times with some of the characters to liking characters I disliked before. While I wish I had waited until the official release date, I am glad I read it while it is cold. It added to the realness of the book. I worried about saying to much and being a "spoiler". I will just say it was great and I look forward to reading your next book. PS - please come to sunny Florida (again)!

  8. Well, I have read all of the linked reviews from those of you lucky enough to get ARCs (just how do you go about this?) and I am now officially counting the days until this is released. Luckily I have a couple of other new releases between now and March to keep me satisfied.

    I just re-read both LAWKI and The dead and the Gone in preparation for this release and can give both the highest praise: they stand up well to a second reading. The situation is so dire that I wish I could send my half-eaten dinner to Alex and Miranda and Julie and resolve to be thankful for all of the blessings we take for granted - especially our daily bread.

  9. Hi, Ms. Pfeffer. It's me again. I've read all the reviews here and they're interesting. Two of them are saying something I've suspected since you told us about this book: readers will want more of this saga. You've got the makings of a Conan Doyle situation on your hands; he got tired of Holmes but found him too popular with the public to quit -- not even killing Holmes off worked. Good luck.

    Anonymous Santa Fe

  10. I just finished this yesterday and it was so good! There were a few surprises that kept me on my toes as I was reading. I really, really hope there will be a 4th book because of course now I have questions about what happens to the characters after the end of this book.

    I will be posting my full review on Debbie's World of Books closer to the publication date. Great job on another wonderful book.

  11. Just wanted to share the link to my review of This World We Live In. Cried, laughed and held out my hope for this group again. Thanks for a memorable read.

  12. Hello, Sue
    I thought I posted a comment last week but it didn't work. Sorry.
    I was enthralled with TWWLI. The stories from LAWKI and tdatg intertwined perfectly to for the final story. There were some surprises (no spoilers) and some great resolutions.
    All in all it was a great way to end the trilogy, though there seems to be a little leeway for maybe another story?!
    Thank you again for the arc.
    Maria Touet

  13. I loved the book! My review is at Thank you for writing it!

  14. Now that I've read all 3 of your books, I will never take anything for granted again. They were amazing, and I'm crossing my fingers that there will be more. As for the book tour, PLEASE come to Illinois!!

  15. Can you please come to Australia and while your at it could you please everyone on this site please donate to the Australian flood appeal cause all of my friends have been flooded and i love you and could you PLEASE make a book 4

  16. Hi Sue
    Book 3 left me crying and im gratful that a metor hasnt hit are moon yet and could you PLEASE make a book 4

  17. Susan please write 5th life as we knew it book i loved these books!!!!!!!!!!!!