Monday, October 19, 2009

ARC Update

The ARC update is there is no update.

Or more to the point, there are no ARCs. At least not yet.

My editor tells me they may come in this week. Which doesn't necessarily mean they'll be on my doorstep (let alone inside my apartment) this week. More like they may come into existence this week.

When I get them, I'll let you know.


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  2. Hi Susan! Love the series. I'm a high school teacher and thanks to your series I have a lot fewer relectant readers in my midst. Everyone of my students that has read your first book, Life As We Knew It, loves it and is unable to put it down. It starts some great discussions. Hopefully you get those ARCs soon. Any chance of passing one on to my class? ::crosses fingers

  3. Hi Anonymous-

    First of all, thank you for your comment and for using my books in your classroom.

    You may wonder how your comment ended up under my name. Well, it's because I'm not the brightest blogger on the planet.

    I okayed your comment and then realized that you'd included your email address and that should be edited out. But the only way I could figure out how to do it was remove the entire comment and reprint it without the address.

    Alas, when I did that, I became the person who posted the comment. Which makes it look as though I have two personalities, both with big egos!

    The ARCs still haven't arrived. When they do, I'll make an official announcement and start soliciting requests for them. My guess is I'll be using a lottery for distribution, but I'll know better when I see how many copies I'm sent.

    Thanks again for your comment and for putting up with my less than fabulous blog skills.