Sunday, October 11, 2009

A New Poll Is Up

I'm still uncertain how many ARCS I'm going to get and when I'm going to get them, but I thought it might be helpful if I had a sense of how many of you might want one.

So I put up a poll last night with several options (including the traditional Go Away Leave Me Alone choice, albeit more tactfully worded), and this morning I scurried to see the results and no one had voted.

Results so far were zero.

A woman's feelings could get hurt.

But then I figured out if no one knew about the poll, no one would respond. So consider yourself informed.

Oh, and I'm not asking yet for emails or anything like that. I won't until I have the ARCs in hand. This poll is just to give me a sense of whether I'm going to need to save some for you or if I can build a playroom for Scooter with them.

ETA: Sorry if there's any confusion. I put basically the same poll on the susanbethpfeffer blog. Some people read one blog, some people read the other.


  1. I'd love one, I can review it on my blog, Reading Keeps You Sane. I reviewed D&G on my blog awhile, btw.

  2. Thanks Kelsey.

    It'll be interesting to see how many people will want an ARC.

    Things aren't looking too good for the Scooter playroom though!

  3. Thank you Cassandra and Melody Marie Murray-

    I'm hoping to get the ARCs within the next couple of weeks.

    When I do, I'll ask anyone who wants one to email me. Then, most likely, I'll put the email addresses into my Bolivian hat, and pull out the appropriate number.

    But I'll know for sure once I see how many ARCs I actually get.

  4. Oh I will have to check your blog more than once a day now because I LOVE ARCs and getting one from you would be FABULOUS. That and I would love to do an advance review -- perhaps interview as well? -- I'll ask again when I email you, for

  5. I would love one. Can't wait!

  6. I would love one as well to review.