Monday, October 5, 2009

It Takes A Lot Of Scrolling

But if you're patient (and/or obsessive), you can find the Harcourt catalog entry for This World We Live In.

Oddly enough I was patient (and/or obsessive) enough to do so, and I was rewarded by learning there's going to be a bookmark!

My guess is it's a shared bookmark that other Harcourt titles will be on, and not its very own, but hey, a bookmark is a bookmark.

Anyway, TW looks great in the catalog, and seeing it makes it seem more real to me. So I figured I'd let you know.

ETA: For me at least, once it loads up, there's a little thing on the top that says click here to go straight to page 66. I clicked, and there TW was!

If you scroll down to the next page, there's stuff about Life As We Knew It and The Dead & The Gone, and a very nice closeup of the bottom of TW.

Even More ETA: Or you can type This World We Live In into the little search box, and it takes you right to page 66. And there's a zoom feature if you want to be able to actually read what they have to say!

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